Welcome home kitten!

Theres something very therapeutic about having a kitten sleep on you and its little paws crawling all over you. I got my kitten only a week ago and heres a few things I have learned so far! First of all, coming up with a name was hard. I’m the type of person that likes names that mean something, so i spend ages scrolling through google , trying to figure out which name I liked and if it fit my beautiful little fur-ball. I decided on the name Aiyla. Meaning moonlight in Turkish, a strong fighter who is easily loved seem to fit perfectly. Or at least I thought. A few days later I had to get my little kitten checked at the vets, to my surprise, my she is in fact a he!! So I of course had to change the name! Welcome home, little Eli.

Kitten cuddles make everything better. 

Sounds crazy, but I’m pretty sure my kitten knows when I’m sad an in need of a cuddle. There is something very calming about him lying on me! His soft little paws and sweet little purr is all you need after a stressful day or overwhelming thoughts.

Kitten poop STINKS

Thankfully , my little boy is litter trained and has been very good since day one. I keep on top of poop scooping and flush straight down the toilet; the last thing I want is my room smelling of kitten poop! Thankfully, this hasn’t been a problem, but I sure know when he has been! Kitten poop, STINKS!

Kitten crazies are a real thing! 

Like mentioned earlier , kitten cuddles have got to be the best thing ever! Eli loves to sleep on my neck or as close to my face as possible, most hours of the day. However, randomly, he will go nuts. And I mean, NUTS. I’m talking, run circles round the room, jumping as though every object is toy, running up coats, kind of crazy!   I have a LOT of kitten toys to keep him busy! I love this stage and I know it will pass so I want to make the most of it. Okay, so its not as fun when its 6am and the crazies kick in, but he is totally worth it.

Kitten claws are sharp!

I am covered in little kitten scratches! Whenever Eli gets excited and tries to play with my hands, I always try to direct his play to one of his toys as this might be cute now, but when he is older it will really hurt!

Cat litter is expensive!

Ive learnt never to get cheap cat litter, it doesn’t absorb well, it doesn’t cover the smell well, and well, you get what you pay for. I use CATSAN, and its amazing! Worth it for little man!

NEVER, I repeat NEVER leave food unattended

Yes, even at this cute little age of 9 weeks, He is testing and pushing boundaries! Trying to eat any food around this growing monster is next to impossible, I turned my head for a second and off He was with a piece of my salmon! I don’t want Him to learn bad habits so going to be a strict no on this one! Plus his little tummy is delicate so I want to be especially careful! It did make me chuckle though ; little monkey.

Kittens are LOYAL and they DO care! 

I’ve only had my kitten one week at yet already he is so clingy and loyal to me. Even when others visit and he lies on them and its very social, he will always come back to sleep on me. He definitely knows who his owner is! Many people think cats are just selfish and live for themselves, which I’m sure he believes I’m in His space and not the other way around, but he does make the perfect companion, and is always happy to see me come home, so in turn, this makes me a happy owner!

Everyone seems to love kittens

Its crazy how many people want to visit when you bring a kitten home. No, seriously!!

Well writing this to begin with was a bit of a challenge, as Eli thought it was a game to chase my hands as I type, however now He is fast asleep on my chest! So all in all, its not ended too badly. Do you have a kitten! Comment below your experiences! Would love to hear all about it!



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